Get Motivated: How to Finally Get Your Life Together for Good

How to Get Motivated - How to Finally Get Your Life Together For Good #motivation

Get Motivated: How to Finally Get Your Life Together for Good

I’d like to first start off this post by saying that in my natural state, I am a fairly lazy person. If I have a day off from work – I would rather be staying at home lounging on the bed and just off in la-la land for hours on end. 

Because in my mind, being in that so called “la-la land” is still considered “productive” to some regards. 

It is the state of mind that spurs my creativity. 

However – over the years, I have learned that no matter how many ideas I may have in my head, none of it will matter if I don’t make the effort to do something with it.

It’s easy after-all to soak in the world.
It’s easy to explore ideas.
It’s easy to be passive of it all – And live in the safety of when that idea is born and we let it live in an almost child-like way.

But – The secret we find so hard to believe is that it can be easy, too – to do something with it.

To let that idea grow.

Many of us equate that growing up – doing the “adult” thing to do, as being difficult – And we end up putting it off for a later time. We spends weeks and months, perhaps even years, being un-motivated and our productivity low. We stop thinking about our future and what we could be simply because not knowing the future makes us afraid.

I was once like this too – not knowing at all what I wanted to do and simply doing what others told me to do: Do well in school. Go to college. Choose a major that’ll get you a nice-paying job in the future.

And as the years went by, I quickly grew more and more aware of the disjunct between the person I was told to become and the person who I truly was. 

And perhaps you are like this too.

Oftentimes we feel no motivation and passion simply because the person we have been led to become is not who we truly are: And naturally, why would we be motivated and passionate to do things for “someone” who is fake (The you who is not truly yourself)?

We can’t.

So before we can even begin to motivate ourselves – Nothing can happen unless you let this other “you” go: The “you” that is constantly afraid and anxious. The “you” that is unhappy. The “you” that is so afraid to grow.

None of this is who you are. You can be anyone you want to be. You do not need anything else in this world but yourself in order to be you. That is it.

And from there – it gets so much more easier to live life finally as you.

10 Ways to Get Motivated & Be More Productive

1. Become Self-Aware!

Find what motivates and pushes you forward! 

Chances are that you have definitely experienced a moment in your life when you were procrastinating and then you had a split moment when you broke out of that mindset –

When things like this happen to you – You have to stop and be fully aware of what just happend and how it happened: What was the thought process that finally was able to push you to productivity or change?

Once you know this insight about yourself, it is a matter of incorporating this thought process into your daily life to get the most out of what you want to do.

2. Become self-disciplined

Self-discipline is a skill I work towards everyday across all aspects in my life because of how transformative it is.

Self-discipline is doing what you have to do now even if it’s not all fun and flowers in the moment. Self-discipline is the ultimate form of self-love (as said by Will Smith). It is taking responsibility for your future because out of absolutely anything in this world, you will not let yourself be the first thing that keeps you from becoming who you are meant to be.

So remember this the next time you don’t feel like doing something you know is important.

You are oftentimes the very first thing that is stopping yourself from progressing any further.

3. Find Your Passion

In order to find your passion – You have to go through a time of exploration.

Make an effort in everything you do to find what fills you with joy in life. Don’t look for what you’re good at, but what satisfies that “inner need” in you. Because you will learn later in life to master your skill – What you need right now is to find what fills you with passion.

Because passion is what is going to keep you going for the long-run. 

So try out new things. Even if it’s the smallest inkling – give it a go because you’ll never know.

Take a new class.
Meet new people.
Read books.
Try a new craft.

4. Find What Motivates You Like Nothing Else

Passion is the larger picture – What motivates you is going to be the after-effects of that passion.

Is it money that motivates you? Respect? Stability? Comfort? Your love for people? The challenge?

Find your driving force and use it to keep moving yourself forward.

5. Know Your Most Productive Time of Day

It is so helpful to know when you are most productive during the day (or night). 

For me – I know I am most productive early in the morning and late at night. I usually get burnt out mid afternoon some time. I use this to my advantage by waking up extra early so that before I go to my full-time job, I have at least some time to get some work done in the morning. I also may take a short nap as soon as I get home from work so that I am able to work late into the night on my creative ventures. 

6. Visualize Your Future

This is one of the strongest motivating forces that keeps me going. 

I am the type of person that thrives from feeling – so truly visualizing my dream future or accomplishments really helps me motivate myself to keep moving forward. 

7. Collect inspiration that motivates you

Whether it be a Youtube video, a blog post, quote, podcast, or book – Find pieces of inspiration from everywhere in life and keep it stored away so that you can always look back on it and rekindle that inspiration when you need it most.

8. Find a Role Model / Mentor

Find someone you look up to in your line of work or way of life – And learn from them. Knowing people ahead of you in life is a great way to get an idea of the steps you need to take to get from where you are now to where you want to be in the future.

9. Plan!

I am personally not much of a planner – But even I try to set up a plan of sorts the night before to get excited about the next day. 

Planning can help you bring a little bit more structure to your day-to-day. Even just planning out the small steps will help you bring you one step closer to where you need to go. 

10. Fall in Love with Growing

At the end of the day – Life is simply about growing.

No matter what happens or where you end up going – The journey is going to be a long one, and it is up to us to feel joy from this fact. Not sadness. 

I hope that whatever you do, the process of growing brings you leaps and bounds of fulfillment into your life. Learn to fall in love with the process of growing – And obstacles will become so miniscule in the grand scheme of living. 

And life becomes infinitely more fun!

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