20 Easy & Cute Monster Drawing Ideas

Hi everyone! Let’s create some easy and adorable monster drawings today!

Monsters are an awesome subject to draw because it uses one’s imagination to help develop that creativity muscle.

So be creative! Go a little wild with your monster drawings because you can’t go wrong with art!

I tried to include various types of monster drawings in this blog post, so whether you are an adult, teen, or a kid, I hope you can find the right drawing for you.

For all my beginner drawing enthusiasts, here are some drawing tips:

First, start off your drawing with a pencil sketch.

Once you are satisfied with your sketch, go over the lines you like with an ink pen.

Once the ink dries, erase the pencil sketch underneath to reveal your final drawing!

However, feel free to draw whatever way you like to draw too.

Now, let’s get onto our drawings! I hope you enjoy!

1. Monster Doodles

Let’s start off our monster drawings with some simple doodles.

simple monster doodles

2. Dragon

Here is an adorable dragon drawing to try out.

I have step-by-step tutorial for this dragon drawing in my blog post How to Draw a Dragon.

dragon easy drawing monster

3. Mushroom Monster

Let’s draw a scary little mushroom drawing as well.

mushroom monster drawing

4. Frankenstein

Use a rectangle to draw Frankenstein’s head.

frankenstein monster drawing

5. Horned Monster

I love how this monster with horns turned out. I hope you enjoy it as well 🙂

furry monster drawing with horns

6. Heart Monster

Let’s draw a monster out of a heart next.

heart monster drawing

7. Cardboard Box Monster

I thought it’d be a funny idea to draw a monster out of a cardboard box, so let’s give it a try!

box monster drawing

If you enjoy drawing rectangles and boxes, check out my blog post 30 Easy Square and Rectangle Drawing Ideas.

8. Bear Monster

Let’s draw a giant bear looming over a forest next.

bear monster drawing

9. Slime Monster

For our next drawing, let’s draw a slime monster.

slime monster drawing

10. Cute Monster

I wanted to draw another cute monster drawing, so here it is!

cute monster drawing

11. Antennae Eye Monster

Let’s draw a monster with antennae eyes next. It kind of reminds me of an alien 🙂

monster doodle easy antennae

12. One-Eyed Monster

Let’s draw a monster with only one eye next.

one eye monster drawing

13. Three-Eyed Monster

Next, let’s draw a three-eyed monster!

3 eyed monster drawing

14. Mummy

For our next monster, let’s draw a running mummy.

mummy drawing easy

I have a blog post dedicated to Halloween-themed drawings here if you enjoy creating these types of drawings 🙂

15. Rabbit Monster

I wanted to draw a rabbit monster so here is how it turned out! Isn’t it adorable?

rabbit monster drawing

16. Simple Monster Doodle

Let’s draw another simple doodle of a monster. This one has a single horn.

monster horn drawing

17. Flower Monster

Let’s draw a flower monster next!

flower monster drawing

18. Cute Dragon

Let’s draw another adorable dragon drawing.

cute dragon drawing

19. Godzilla

This drawing was inspired by Godzilla 🙂

godzilla drawing monster

20. Monster Faces

For our final drawing, let’s create some simple monster faces!

monster faces drawing

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Thank you so much for visiting this blog post!

I hope you enjoyed these ferociously adorable monster drawings ideas!

Let me know in the comment section which one you liked the most (It may take some time for the comment to show up because I have to manually approve each comment)

I am wishing all of you a wonderful day or night… and until next time my lovely blog visitors!

Keep drawing!

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